A Vision of Character

“Who does God want us to be?”

Watches are beautiful and intricate items. Some of the most expensive take years of painstaking labor to produce. A skilled craftsman will toil over a watch for as long as it takes to make the item perfect. As a result, fine watches are treasured and admired by people all over the world. But the craftsmen must often devise their own tools before ever making a single piece of that first watch. Even though the tools require such an effort to produce, few people, if any, notice the quality and beauty of the tools. They reserve this attention for the watches they produce. For most, these tools that require such effort are merely the necessary means to achieving a desired end. They have no worth on their own; only the watchmaker sees their true value.

We as Christians talk a lot about being tools that God can use in building His kingdom. If we are not careful, though, we can forget that God is busy at work in us and not just through us.

In Ephesians, Paul reminds his fellow believers that God is still working on them, shaping them into something pleasing to Him.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10, KJV)

We are not just tools that God uses to produce something worthwhile—though we should be that as well. We are to God a valuable end product as well. God is not only concerned with what we do, but with who we are.

Just like the watchmaker’s tools, God is crafting us to fit His specifications and He cares about us, not the final product alone.

Before we can worry about doing what God wants us to do, we need to be who God wants us to be. Focus this week on seeking God’s vision and direction for our character.

Pray that God will show you who we are supposed to be, both as a church and as individuals.

NOTE: This article was written for the bulletin at Peniel Missionary Baptist Church, introducing a series on seeking God’s vision for the future.