Revive Us Again

For several months we have been hoping for a revival at the church. Some of the members began suggesting that we schedule revival services. They really wanted us to have revival services; scarcely a week went by that someone didn’t stop me or Bro. Mike to ask why we hadn’t scheduled one yet, or when we were going to. Yet we never did. You see, we are both of the mindset that revival is not something you schedule, but a spontaneous movement of God that takes place first in the hearts and minds of the church. And at that point no such move was evident. Peniel has gone through about ten years of conflict and upheaval, and while that was going on, I thought it very unlikely that God would step in all of a sudden and do something amazing just because we put it on the calendar. We needed to seek God’s will above all before that could happen, and I knew that.

I began praying and called on other members to begin praying. In our services, when I led prayer I asked for God to take over the church — and so did everyone else when they prayed.

Finally, enough of us adopted that attitude, that it was God’s church and not ours, and that only His direction mattered. About six weeks ago, through no effort of our own, God moved in our church unexpectedly. Sadly, we lost about a third of our members, but those who remained expressed that we were firmly committed to whatever God wanted for the church.

Since then, I have seen what I can only call the beginnings of revival. I have seen genuine concern for seeking God’s direction in us as individuals and as a church. I have seen people willing to give up their opinions and preferences about how to do church so that our church culture doesn’t get in the way of people hearing the Gospel. And I have seen an entire church come together in prayer for the lost, brokenhearted over them, and tearfully asking God to use us to reach them.

If that is not the beginning of a revival, then I don’t know what is.

To those who read this, please continue to pray for the people of PMBC, that we would continue understand more and more how to seek Christ and His will first, the salvation of souls second, and ourselves last.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33).