November at Peniel

The few of you who read this probably think that I have abandoned blogging, but I haven’t. I just don’t have Internet access right now. While Kristian was on bed rest, and again while she was recovering from her c-section, we stayed with my parents so that I could have some help taking care of her. During that time, I cut off everything at our house but water and electricity. Now that we’re back, the Internet access is the only thing that has not been reconnected. Hopefully I can find a company I like before the first of the year.

In the mean time, it has been an eventful month at Peniel. We have had five new members join the church, and I look for another to join soon. Right now our membership numbers are the highest that they have been in almost five years. We’ve had a young man visiting our church who was raised in a Christian home, but rejected Christianity because of the dead, works-based religion he saw in church as a boy. He instead turned to another religion. I am thrilled to tell you that after hearing the Gospel, he has given his life to the Lord!

Please continue to pray for us, and I’ll check back in when I can.