Ice Storm, Day 5

c0137-icestormAs of today, central Oklahoma has been encased for five days in a cocoon of ice, and snow that has thawed and refrozen as more ice. I’m not one to get stuck inside if I can help it and I was surprisingly busy Saturday and Sunday. That’s mainly because in my family I’m the token crazy person who actually enjoys driving in treacherous conditions (it’s an adrenaline thing!). So I spent the weekend driving my wife, mother, and sister around town.

Today I’m trying to get caught up on some things I should have worked on while we were “iced in.” Reviewing some church growth materials from the Missions Department, working on a new Bible study series, and getting the latest updates on the “Turning back the Clock” series posted. Oh, and I need to work on our taxes some more. (Last week I read that Ron Paul allegedly said there’s no actual law requiring US citizens to file income taxes. I’m not clear on that myself, but I’m certainly willing to look into it!) Tonight, Kristian and I are going to OU Medical Center to see a friend of ours. Please pray for him. He is a student at OU who moved here from Québec. He was involved in major collision last week on the Hefner Parkway and is now in a coma. Also, his mother is here from Québec and only speaks French, so I’m hoping we can offer her some encouragement. I’d rather not name names here, but the Lord knows who he is; please pray for this young man and his family.