Prayer Request for Scotland Missions

After I finished writing my last post I received this in an e-mail from Mike Cross, BMAA Missionary to Scotland:

As you may or may not know, we are still trying to get our sponsorship paperwork done in Scotland so that we will be able to apply for our visas. We have to have a sponsor in country to validate us being there.  We have a someone who is willing to be our sponsor and are waiting for the paperwork to be done.  Our potential sponsor, Bro. Alvin Dickerson is meeting with U.K. Immigration on Wednesday February 3rd at 10:30 am in Scotland which makes it 4:30 am here.  This meeting is to make sure the Bro. Alvin has everything in place to become our sponsor.

Please do one of the following. Either set your alarm for 4:30 am Oklahoma time and pray for this meeting, or take some time and pray about it now. (Personally I recommend the latter.)