Norman Missions

Back in March I submitted an application for missionary status to the Baptist Missionary Association of Oklahoma. We believe that God has called us to start churches in Norman, Oklahoma. It was not a secret, but until now I have not publicized this outside of my local church, my family, and associational meetings. Now I am writing to ask those of you who read this blog to begin to pray for the work in Norman.

We are one of a few couples that are planning to be involved in this work, and last Sunday we sat down for our first real planning meeting.

  • Pray that God would begin preparing the hearts of people in Norman to hear and respond to the Gospel.
  • Pray that God would put the right people in the right places to do His work.
  • Pray that we would gain a clear vision of the direction God wills for us to go.
  • Pray that God’s will would be done as the applications are being considered by the State Association and the sponsoring church.

We are months away from beginning the work, but I’m asking that you would begin praying now for God to send His people to do His work, in His time, and for His glory.

Please let us know if you 1) live in Norman and are looking for a Scriptural church, or 2) if you have friends or relatives in Norman that we could contact.