Infidelity to Blame for Broken Marriages, not Facebook

An article showed up this morning called “Facebook Harms American Marriages, Survey Suggests” (Read the article here). The article alleges that Facebook and other social networking sites are responsible for more marriages falling apart today. I had to know how Facebook could be harmful to marriage, so I had no choice but to read on.

Apparently it destroys marriages by maintaining a record of people’s infidelity. Seriously? Is no one responsible for his or her actions anymore?

People cheat, violating solemn vows that they made before God, but Facebook is destroying marriages? Facebook is not responsible for destroying marriages any more than police radar is responsible for ruining one’s perfect driving record. Choices have consequences; sin has consequences!

Adultery destroys marriages, not the truth. If people were faithful, there would be nothing damaging to find out on Facebook.

“[A]nd be sure your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23, NKJV)