What Is Four Point Arminianism?

I borrowed this from another site, but in the interest of disclosure I must tell you that I edited the headings to the points below.

From Grace Unlimited (formerly called The OSAS Arminian):

  1. Total Depravity: Man is bondage to sin, unable to trust in Jesus Christ without the prevenient grace of God.
  2. Conditional Election: Election is “in Christ” and not aimed at individual sinners. Election is God’s Appointment of believers in Christ to heavenly blessing. Predestination means the individual believer being predestined to future glory, not the individual sinner to initial salvation.
  3. General Atonement: The Lord Jesus Christ shed his blood for the sins of the entire human race. It is sufficient for all and efficient only for those who trust in him.
  4. Resistible Grace: God’s grace in the gospel can be resisted and rejected by unbelievers. It can also be rejected by saints in sanctification by backsliding and rebellion.
  5. Preservation of the Saints: Saints are eternally secure and preserved by God. Backsliding believers will experience the wrath and discipline of God to bring them back to repentance, even by physical death and loss of rewards as a last resort. It is the saving grace of God which teaches believers to say no to ungodliness and worldly lusts and to live righteously and soberly in the present evil world.


We could just call this “Arminianism,” as I have recently discovered that Arminius and the Remonstrants did not deny eternal security (the preservation of the saints)—they just said it warranted further study. But, since a majority of Arminians today believe salvation can be lost, this position is called 4-Point Arminianism. [Note: While I may agree with certain aspects of this posting, it is mainly posted for informational purposes, as I am neither Arminian nor Calvinist and do not agree with every statement.]