Initial Church Planting Assessments

Over the weekend I asked several people to pray for Steve, Kristian, and me as we prepared to go through missions assessments yesterday afternoon. I’d like to thank you for your prayers. The assessments seemed to go well. Bro. Barker came over from Little Rock to interview us so he could report his findings back to the church. These assessments are to look at our strengths and weaknesses, to help us see how to use the things with which God has already gifted us and to identify areas for growth. (And we discovered I might actually have a personality!)

  • We’re completing additional homework to be turned in for the complete assessment.
  • The next step will be a formal vote by Pleasant Hill, which would be sponsoring the mission. That vote may come in the next few weeks.
  • Then, both couples will go for about 24 hours of training in September.
  • Then, we hope, the church would present the work to the State Association in October to seek its support.

Notice I used the words “would” and “may” a lot, as none of this is set in stone yet. But it is good to see some kind of plan coming together for the work in Norman. Please continue to pray for us!

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