August Missions Report Discusses Norman

The following was borrowed from the BMA of Oklahoma missions report in the August issue of the Oklahoma Baptist. It was written by my pastor, and the state missions director, Bro. David Pickard.

Can you see an Oklahoma with a solid BMA Church in every major city in the state? Can you imagine our churches actually going where the people are, reaching the lost, raising up leaders and starting more and more churches for Christ? If I told you we could reach 10,000 people in and through the ministries of Oklahoma, would you say, “He’s nuts?” Well you would be right! I hope when I’m gone people will say, “He was crazy enough to believe the churches of the BMA could do what Jesus commissioned us to do.” […]

We might not start a mega church. That doesn’t bother me. But we can start 100 churches that run 100 people in our own lifetime. Do the math. Our missions director and my good friend Larry Barker tells me that it’s happened in other places. I say God can do it in Oklahoma too.

I’m excited that Pleasant Hill is trying to have a baby. You heard me right. We have a team already being assessed to go to Norman and begin a church planting movement in that city. Norman has been called one of the most unchurched cities in the state in spite of a large number of churches and at least one mega-church. Our missions department is doing the assessments and missionaries will soon be ready to present to the association. […]