Canadian Missionary Returns from Work in Haiti

I received an e-mail today from Bro. Michel Poirier, one of our missionaries to Canada. He has been in Haiti at various times, helping out since the earthquake earlier this year. He sends us this report of his recent trip. I would encourage all of our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma who are financially able to support Bro. Poirier’s work in Canada and in Haiti.

During my trip to Haiti I had the opportunity to visit the people that had received Christ in the month of March and see if they were going to church. Even with so little they have a big smile on their face and their hearts are over flowing with joy. Within the first days I visited a friend of mine, pastor Norcilus and brought some financial relief for a family that had a great need for food and other items. In the afternoon I went to Bethel Baptist Church. This church was severely hurt during the earthquake and was given some financial assistance to rebuild the walls. The pastor was so excited to get the repairs going for the Lord. Wednesday morning I went to find some land to put houses on for the people that we know that were in great need of a house. We were able to purchase some land for them to put their house on. It is very difficult for the people of Port au Prince to decide to move outside the city but it must be done. In the afternoon I met with another friend of mine, Pastor Paul Harrigan we had a great time of fellowship, he took me to some places that were hit badly during the earthquake and told me the story of people from his church that were killed and their bodies are still trapped under the fallen building. One of his members who lost her husband in the quake was in desperate need of a home. She was living with only a plastic sheet over her head and no walls around her. Knowing that so many have great needs like her, I had to stop and pray in my heart asking God to give me wisdom to use the resources of Gods people wisely.

Arriving at the place where they make transition houses, we took a look at the floor model and went inside the office to talk about the possibility of purchasing a couple of them. A one bedroom home is $2,160 plus shipping and assembling. A two bedroom home is $2,995 plus shipping and assembling. I purchased 3 houses and I gave the one bedroom to the widow lady. The pastor was so glad that he was shedding tears of joy as he received the news of the house. On returning to his home he told me that there was a great need of good Bibles for his people, now that to me is a great need and I will try to do something on this end.

After coming home around 5:00p.m, the sun was starting to set but I had company waiting for me. It was Patrick and his wife Simone that came to see me. Simone was not feeling good so I asked Patrick what was wrong with her, and he told me that she had not eaten at all that day. He went on to tell me that they had two other people in the car and they had not eaten yet either. I made them all come in and fed them what I had with me with leftovers that were in the fridge. That’s one way to clean the fridge out! As well, I gave these 3 families money for groceries. I could tell you first hand that food is so expensive there but I don’t have time to get into that.

Knowing that the new home owners would not have any furniture, I went and purchased the bare necessities for them. I was thinking how much we are blessed in North America, we have lots of food and all we need to live in our beautiful homes. I did not sleep that night, and was not prepared to see or hear what I would be facing the next day. At 8 a.m. we were on our way to an orphanage that I had been told about. Getting there was difficult due to the road conditions. Finally upon arriving, I met with a family that has taken in 55 children that were orphaned in the earthquake. They sang for me French gospel songs, it was beautiful. I asked the couple that takes care of them if they had any chairs for them, games, toys of any kind, they said “no”. I asked them how they fed them, they said with the generosity of street people, they had not eaten today and it would be probably the next day before they would have the option of eating, said the lady in charge. I saw the gravity of this cause. I went home that night knowing that the next day I would be on a plane returning to a country of plenty.

The next day at the airport in Port au Prince, one of the guards I spoke to was not saved and was telling me that his family was converted but not him. I spoke with him for 10 min trying to persuade him to repent of his sin and to trust Christ but with no success. I gave him the address of my dear friend Paul Harrigan, and when doing so he said that the church was only a few blocks from where he lived. The Lord took care of the situation, and I went home that day praying that the Lord would protect them and somehow give them the courage to go on in life and to trust Him for all their needs. I want to thank all of you that gave toward this trip. I gave and dispersed the money according to the needs of each family who was in need. The hardest thing to do was to choose which ones to give to.

All for the cause of Christ to Haiti,

Michel Poirier
Jeremiah 33