Coming to Terms with Being a Bad Tweet-er

6bf35-hummingbird-bmpI signed up for a Twitter account about a year ago. It was mainly because I kept hearing about it, had no clue what it was, and wanted a clue.

Well, I found out what it was, and I didn’t use the account again for almost a year. I thought to myself, “What would anyone use this for?”

Then sometime during the summer I sought and found my login information and became a Tweeter…uh, Twitter-er…Tweetist? I don’t recall why.

I was very excited. People were using it in their ministries to get the word out about things that were going on, sharing their thoughts, and staying connected with their people. I was convinced that Twitter was the wave of the future. The next week this hope was seemingly confirmed when one of the youth workers at church mentioned Facebook, and one of the kids responded, “Um…everybody uses Twitter now.”

But I soon noticed that I rarely had anything pertinent to say on Twitter. I’m frequently annoyed by those who feel the need to post the minutiae of their daily lives on social media sites, so I chose to avoid the Hey-guys-guess-what-I’m-having-Chick-fil-A-for-lunch route.

I noticed that others were teaching from Twitter. I thought about that for about seven seconds, and decided against that route. Maybe some guys can communicate deep theological truths in 140 characters. Maybe. But I don’t have that gift for concision. That’s why I have a blog. I have trouble posting a Scripture reference with any context in 140 characters.

Some people post notices for events in their ministries on Twitter. But we’re in the phase of planting this church where there really aren’t any events to speak of. I could try it.

August 31, 2010
@jhbyrns: Please pray for us; they’ll be voting on Norman at the BMA of Central OK mtg on Sept. 7.

September 1, 2010
@jhbyrns: The BMACO mtg is still Sept. 7.

September 2, 2010
@jhbyrns: Guess what! There’s going to be a mtg. of the BMACO on Sept. 7. Crazy, huh?

September 3, 2010
@jhbyrns: Have you heard about the meeting?

That would get old really fast.

Others use it to keep in touch with people. Again, I find it difficult to convey anything worthwhile in 140 characters–Facebook and e-mail are more my speed.

Does that mean I hate Twitter, or think it’s worthless? Surprisingly, no. Even though I don’t have much to say right now on Twitter, there are plenty of people who do. I have started following people and organizations in Norman to see what’s going on: that includes newspapers, banks, insurance agencies, and many others. Kristian and I have found out about things—community events and ways to get out and meet people—that we would never have found otherwise.

Maybe someday I’ll have something to say like everyone else, but in the mean time, I’m content just having it as an extra set of eyes and ears in town.