The Gospel on Our Lips, a Knot in Our Stomachs

I can’t decide which feeling is worse: the feeling of the knot in your stomach before the fact, when you know you should say something, or the feeling of kicking yourself afterward, when you didn’t say something. And if you’re honest, you’ve been there too.

I have known a few people for whom sharing Christ was like breathing. I’ve done street ministry with a retired marine who wasn’t afraid to approach anyone. I’ve had dinner with men who’ve led people to Christ while they were taking our order.

But most of us are not like them. We want to share Christ, but we’re afraid at times. (And if there’s nothing in us that even desires to share Christ, we need to check and see if we really know Him!) We know what we ought to do, but the closer we get to doing it, the more the fear builds up. Maybe not every time, but more often than it should. And eventually, we’re left with nothing but fear, and the guilt of missed opportunities.

Notice I keep saying “we,” not “you.” Because I’m not a perfect, bold witness either. But I’m tired of fear preventing me from doing what God wants me to! Aren’t you?

If so, join me on the blog over the next few weeks for a series called, “Why Don’t We Share?” We’ll talk about the fears that prevent us from witnessing, Jesus’ responses to those fears, and some practical suggestions for us from the Handbook of Personal Evangelism by Dr. A. Ray Stanford. The next installment will discuss our fear of failure and how it keeps us from witnessing.