Youssef on Universalism: Love Has ALREADY Won

Dr. Michael Youssef has written a great (and understandable) article, titled Love has already won, at, where he wades into the controversy surrounding Rob Bell’s new book promoting the heresy of universalism. Below is an excerpt:

“[… T]his heresy makes total mockery of Jesus coming from heaven, dying on a cross and rising again. It mocks not only the entire plan of salvation that God articulated to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:15, but also the prophets’ prophesying of Jesus’ coming as the only Redeemer of mankind for those who believe in Him. […]

“What kind of justice says, “It does not matter what you do, what sins you commit and whether or not you reject God’s gracious offer of salvation here and now; everyone will get off scot free”? The fact is that love already won when God so loved that He gave so that whosoever believes (in this life) will be saved. This is a clear indication that His love, not Rob Bell’s perception of it, has already won the day.”

Read the entire article here or here.