The Wind Came Sweeping down the Plains

Debris in my front yard
Debris in my front yard

Norman, Oklahoma isn’t really known for its extreme weather the way some other cities are. Such recognition usually belongs to Moore, Norman’s neighbor to the north and my hometown. Maybe all of that is changing.

Last night, straight-line winds (some claim it was a small tornado) damaged trees, rooves, vehicles, and power poles throughout a large portion of Norman. At the moment, OG&E still reports around 3,100 households without power (down from over 10,000 this morning).

We weren’t home when the storms came through around 7pm, but knew we were in for trouble when the 10pm news opened with a post-apocalyptic view of the intersection nearest our house (Video below).

We came home to find our front lawn littered with debris. Tree limbs were everywhere, almost exclusively from others’ trees. A large trampoline had gone airborne and slammed into the west side of the house, damaging the roof. And there is a chimney in our yard; we still don’t know where it came from.

We’ve been working on clean up. Our plan was to go in early this morning to work in our yard and try to help the neighbors. But we soon realized few of our neighbors had significant damage, and most of the debris had collected in our yard. Some of the neighbors kindly offered to help us.

I’m certainly not complaining. Our damage could have been worse. I lived through May 3rd; this was nothing. But it has been an interesting experience, and we’ve been able to meet more of our neighbors.

Please pray for the people of Norman. There were many who had significant damage, and the city reports a few injuries.