A Free, User-Friendly Bible for Kindle

My nine month old son somehow managed to save up quite a nice little sum to buy me a Kindle for Christmas.

6db16-biblereadingOnce I figured out how to turn the thing on, and joined the e-reader revolution, I immediately started downloading books. I wanted a good Bible that I could carry with me. I downloaded some free ones and found that the files were of poor quality, with spelling and other errors. I even paid for some, only to discover that the ones I had found were poorly formatted.

Nobody wants to turn the page 1,900 times to get to the book of Romans! So I studied how to format an e-book. I researched, I downloaded programs, and I went to work.

It took approximately 25 hours of work over a two week period, but I edited, formatted, tested, and uploaded a complete King James Bible along with a linked table of contents that will allow readers to jump to the desired book or chapter.

I love the Bible, and want to increase its availability, so I’m making this available at no charge. No money. No signing up. Just download it and go!

It’s currently available for the Kindle (mobi), but I’m testing a Nook (epub) version, and hope to have it available soon.

Click here to download.

[Note: If you downloaded the KJV Bible for Kindle before Jan. 24, 2012, we have an improved file available for free download by visiting the link above.]