That’s Why We Praise Him!

I make the point regularly that we don’t simply praise God and worship Him because of what He does for us—the fact is that by His nature, He is worthy of worship and praise, and would be even if He had never done anything for us.

But He has blessed His people, and does continue to bless them. And it would be dishonest to claim that our gratitude shouldn’t give us extra cause to praise Him.

I rediscovered a wonderful passage of Scripture last week while preparing my Wednesday night lesson on Nehemiah. In chapter 9, the people of Israel, having returned from the Babylonian captivity, make a list of the blessings that God had given them throughout the years. And as they recite His great works, they praise Him.

Just a few of the things they list are these:

  • He created the heavens, the Earth, and everything in the Universe (Nehemiah 9:6).
  • He called Abram out of Ur, and promised to make him the father of many nations (Nehemiah 9:7).
  • He promised a land for His people to live in, and gave it to them (Nehemiah 9:8).
  • He heard their desperate cries when they were mere slaves in Egypt (Nehemiah 9:9).
  • He showed His power to Pharaoh through great signs and freed the Israelites (Nehemiah 9:10).
  • He parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross, and closed it behind them for their protection (Nehemiah 9:11).

There’s more to their list, but that’s all I had time to cover last night. It made me think, though, there would be some benefit in listing the ways that God has blessed me—if for no other reason to remind me how worthy of praise He really is.

If you made a list, what would yours say?