About Jared

10417574_10101442158525108_3452413732934945993_nI was born in Norman, Oklahoma in 1985 and grew up in Moore. I was raised in a Christian family and trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of 5. I was called to preach during my sophomore year of high school, after which I attended the University of Oklahoma on a National Merit Scholarship. Confronted by non-believing professors, I studied hard to find the truth for myself; this only solidified my belief in Jesus Christ and the historic Christian faith and developed my passion for preaching and apologetics.

Since January 2016, I have served as the Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Seminole, Oklahoma. I previously served churches in Lindsay, Blanchard, Norman, and Bethany, Oklahoma, and Fayetteville, Arkansas, along with teaching in a series of Christian schools. I earned a BA from the University of Oklahoma in 2008 and I’m working on an MA in Apologetics from Louisiana Baptist University.

I have written three books. Unwitting Crusaders looks at the evolution of the relationship between Islam and the West, from the First Crusade until 9/11. Grace Expectations recounts how God can use times of pain and struggle to teach His people the meaning and importance of grace. Assembling the Scripture Puzzle seeks to help believers study their Bibles in context, exploring how the Bible came to be and how its stories fit together.

18620940_10103438849829728_4071134854087982052_oMost importantly, I am married to my lifelong friend, Charla, and I’m the daddy of six beautiful children: Benjamin (6), Madeleine (5), and Charlie (<1); and Jordan, Joseph, and Micah, who are already in Heaven. I am a 7th-generation Oklahoman and an enrolled citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. I am a grassroots activist in my area, especially when it comes to the issues of defending the unborn and school choice issues. Outside of my ministry work, my hobbies include fishing with the kids, hunting, and exploring the back roads of Oklahoma.